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You're a Bad Mom & Other Lies Mom Guilt Told You Podcast Show Notes

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

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This episode of The Momma Cusses Podcast is thanks to our sponsors:

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Research for this episode can be found here:

A note from Gwenna here. So I'm good at wording - a useful skill for a podcast host. In the recording, I called the researcher responsible for this study Richard. Dude's name is Roy. Sorry, Roy. My bad.

And our Intro and Outro music is Stuck on You by The Fox Sisters

Here are your answers for Pet or Progeny at the end of the episode. Thanks to all the cussing mommas on The Momma Cusses Mom's group for contributing to this list:

That’s not where your poop goes. - Both

Is that a spider in your mouth? - Pet

Who peed in the hall? - Pet

Stop putting your balls on your sister! - Progeny

We DO NOT eat vomit. - Progeny

You just went potty! What do you mean you need to go again? - Both

Did you eat your food, or did you hide it? - Both

Put your penis away! - Both

Please quit licking my foot. - Pet

Okay, yes, thank you. All the neighbors know you exist. They all heard you. Come inside now. - Pet

Plastic is not food. - Progeny

The transcript of The Momma Cusses Podcast, Episode 2: You Are a Bad Mom & Other Lies Mom Guilt Told You can be found here. Due to live recording there may be slight differences between the recorded content and the transcript.



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