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Vision Board 2024

This free downloadable guide to Momma Cusses version of a vision board is Gwenna's guide to goal setting for 2024. No pressure to complete anything, just ideas to work toward. 

Remember, these are visions. Not resolutions. It's okay if you finish the year with a few still a work in progress. You're still seeing the vision and that's important!

Parenting Unexpert

None of us have any idea what we are doing. Now we can prove it with an official Parenting Certificate from Momma Cusses & Pleasant Peasant Media. Download it, print it, fill it out, display it and then when someone asks "Are you sure?" You can point to your Parenting Unexpert Certificate and confidently say, "No, absolutely not."

Parenting Unexpert Certificate
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Mom Calendar 2024

Yes, random, little celebrated holidays are nice but have you ever had a calendar that reminds you to check your email for random school enrollment shit? Or one that reminds you to go get Valentines Stuff because you and I both know you forget every year? Well, now you can have that. The Momma Cusses Momlendar for 2024 is here and it's free!

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