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What is Momma Cusses?


Mission Statement

Being a kid is harder than we remember. Being a parent is harder than we expected. Momma Cusses is a collection of resources, observations, and experiences of parenting. It is not a fix-all or promise of perfect kids. It is simply the information and interpretation of parenting that Gwenna, the creator of Momma Cusses wished she'd had when she was first figuring out how to parent.


There's No Such Thing as a Parenting Expert

There are experts in individual fields of childhood development. Doctors, medical specialists, therapists, nutritionists and tons of others are an expert in one specific part of how and why kids are. However, they are not an expert on how to best raise your tiny human. Nope, that's you. You're the best expert on your family, culture, history, heritage, challenges, and talents and how all those things impact your kid growing up. 


Bad Moms Never Ask If They Are Doing a Good Job

The fact that you are here, or anywhere on the internet, looking for explanations, assistance, explorations, or opinions on how not to be the reason your kid needs therapy means you are not a bad mom. That's not bad mom behavior. Bad moms never ask if they are doing a good job. Good moms never stop wondering if they are doing a bad one. 


There's No One Right Way to Raise a Child

Not everything listed here or in any of the places Momma Cusses exists on the internet will work for all people. There is not just one right way to be a parent and not all methods will work for all kids and families. Hell, what works for one of your own kids might not work for a different one of your kids, despite having the same parents and environment and access to resources. What is described here works for Gwenna's family and might work for others. But if it doesn't, that doesn't mean it's a bad idea, it just means it's a bad idea for you and that's okay. If it doesn't work one way, try it a different way.

Gwenna Laithland

Welcome to Momma Cusses! I am an author who writes about the joys and struggles of parenting. As a millennial mom, I know how tough it can be to juggle work, life, and raising a family. My articles are written with honesty and humor that my readers find relatable. I share my personal experiences in the hope of connecting with other parents who may be going through something similar. If you’re looking for content that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between, you’ve come to the right place!

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Jackson Laithland

Momma Cusses is a well-known parenting creator who provides essential resources and support for parents all over the world. But behind the scenes is me - her husband - handling the boring business side of things. I love working with my wife and creating resources that help parents of all stages tackle some of the tougher moments of parenting. We believe in providing a space where parents can feel heard and understood, and we are committed to providing resources that are both valuable and entertaining. So go ahead and reach out to us – we're here to help!

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Momma Cusses is a proud brand of

Pleasant Peasant Media LLC

 That's supposed to sound fancy. It doesn't. In fact, it's kind of boring. But the fact remains, if someone has to handle the grown-up shit, it's these guys. For inquiries about brand partnerships or collaborations, email

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