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The Momma Cusses Podcast: Ep 4 - The Art of Imperfect Momming

Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

Hey! Thanks for checking out the show notes for this week's episode.

First up, here are a few resources for further reading.

The 2019 study I refer to in the podcast can be found here and a bit more discussion on it can be found here.

Not gonna lie, while researching this episode, I briefly wandered down the rabbit hole of "Whatever happened to all of Bob Ross' paintings?" In case you're curious as well, have this for a fun gander.

And finally, we wander into the fascinating world that is wabi-sabi. While I don't really discuss the ideas in great detail, there are a lot of fantastic resources available to really delve into this concept.

We start where most internet research starts at - Wikipedia.

And then we go deeper.

The link to the transcript is here!

And that's all folks. No recommendations this week. But you can always grab some merch at The Momma Cusses Shop!

Stay fierce, bitches.



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