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The Momma Cusses Podcast #9

The Difference Between Helping and Mom-Shaming

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

The moment you become a mom - you're supposed to magically know a metric ton of crap. Some of us are lucky to have great support networks and resources available to learn from. Others of us are just flapping in the breeze just trying to hang on. And sometimes we learn stuff that maybe isn't so great. So when you encounter a mom who might be able to benefit from the knowledge you've gained while momming, how do you help without treading into the dreaded mom-shaming territory. This week we chat with Kelly Barile from The Momma Cusses Moms Group on Facebook on doing just that.

As promised here are the resources Kelly and I discussed.

Counseling & Communication

How to have difficult discussions

Correcting without Condescension

How to Stop Yourself from Mom-Shaming

Car Seat Safety

American SPCC

Car Seat Installation

Car Seat Finder


CDC Recommendations

American Academy of Pediatrics

Canadian Paediatric Society

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