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The Momma Cusses Diaper Drive

I am trying to fill my minivan (lovingly named Crowley) with diapers to donate to the National Diaper Bank Network. To send new or leftover diapers, ship them to:

PO Box 1505

Noble OK 73068

Or use this link to donate cash.

One in three families will experience diaper need, the inability to get a hold of diapers for their children's health and safety. Most aid programs don't cover the cost of diapers and with 20% of American families falling below the Federal poverty line, this is a serious problem. [Source]

If you can't donate in any form, I get it. Simply share this or the video you can find on my TikTok or Instagram. The further the word goes, the closer we get to ending diaper need.

But, Gwenna, why?

I've experienced both food and diaper insecurity and I have a platform now to help end that.

I found out I was pregnant with my first child two months after my wedding. It a surprise. I took four pregnancy tests, still didn't believe it, went to the store, bought three more, and took those too. They were also infuriatingly positive. I was young, scared, surprised, and very confused at to what to do next. I knew I wanted to keep the baby but I didn't know what came after that.

I was 22, in a precarious marriage with a precarious partner, underemployed, and now pregnant. My friends and co-workers advised me to begin stocking up. Buy all the diapers, wipes, and shelf-stable consumables my budget could hold. I listened and nodded. It was sound advice.

That I did not heed. Not only did I not buy a single pack of diapers while pregnant, I didn't buy anything at all. I was sort of frozen. All I could really handle was just being pregnant. Preparation for any stage after that was completely out of my mental and emotional capacity.

When my daughter was born, I was in love. I knew I was meant to be her mom. But I still didn't have diapers, wipes, or anything I needed. We qualified for food assistance through SNAP but that didn't cover the cost of diapers. Every time I'd see our stack of diapers dwindling, I was terrified. I never knew how I was going to scrape together the money I needed to buy my child a basic care item.

Thankfully, I had a support network that filled in the gaps my wages couldn't cover. My mom and a handful of close family friends stepped in and purchased diapers when the budget just couldn't stretch any thinner.

But I was lucky to have such a network of people who could help. Not every family enjoys that benefit. That's where the National Diaper Bank Network comes in. I now have a platform and the ability to prevent other mothers from feeling that stress and I need your help. Send diapers and help fill Crowley the Minivan, donate, or just share this.



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