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It's Either This or Murder - Choosing Co-Parenting

The Momma Cusses Podcast #10

It's hard when a relationship ends. It's even harder when you've created or shared spawn with that person and you can't just ghost them. In this episode, we chat with Ashley MacKinnon, the founder of The Conscious Co-Parent. A breakup requires grieving and we discuss how to ride that rollercoaster - both the one you're on and the one your ex has to ride. Choosing what's best for your kid isn't always easy and the decision to co-parent takes work. A lot of work. And curse words. A lot of curse words. But, in the end, if you and your former partner can make it work, it's definitely worth the struggle. And, apparently, it does get easier.

You can find Ashley on TikTok and Instagram.

She works with The CoParenting Collective. Check them out here.

Here are a few resources you might enjoy if co-parenting is in your future.



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