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Announcing The Momma Cusses Mom's Group

We are now on Facebook with a place for moms who just need to vent, overshare, cuss, or commiserate without the judgment or MLM invites. It's like a regular online Mom's group but without the weird.

Parenting is hard and there are plenty of things that make you want to drop an F-bomb. Here’s where you can and we will. The Momma Cusses Group will be a place where we can vent about the weird shit our kids do that drive us up a wall. We welcome moms from all across the parenting realm to join and share their real experiences raising kids and trying not to fuck them up too bad.

This is a place to support parents. This is not a place to hock your MLM or tear others down for their parenting choices. There will be no tolerance for mom-shaming here.

We won't censor most topics, however, discussion should center around our lives and roles as parents; working, stay-at-home, hybrid, tired, enthused, or burnt-out. Sometimes that might mean politics creeps in. Sometimes that means religion creeps in. That's cool but keep it civil, ya'll.

The only exception to this is vaccinations. The owner of this group is a former anti-vaxxer and converted heartily. Vaccinate your crotch-goblins. She will not tolerate anti-vax shit in The Momma Cusses Group. You'll just be banned summarily and without warning should she sniff it out.

Connect with other moms (or parents, dads are welcome too). Wine, whiskey, pajamas, and the inability to remember the last time you showered will be welcomed. Encouraged even.

Standard disclaimer: Both the owner and the members are allowed to curse freely throughout the groups, threads, and discussions. This should not be shocking from a group called Momma Cusses, but all the same, you've been warned. If foul language is a problem, I get it. This might not be a place your comfortable and that's okay.

Join us over on Facebook for a good time. Or maybe just brief moment of distraction. Either way, we'd be fucking delighted to have you with us!



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