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Anti-Vaxxers & You - The One About Vaccines

The Momma Cusses Podcast #11

On this week's episode, we talk with Dr. Savannah Sparks, a board-certified pharmacist, and stout vaccine proponent. (I know! Look at us all fancy talking to people with advanced degrees? WTF?) Savannah is better known as @rx0rcist on TikTok. This week we chat about some of the biggest myths surrounding vaccines, how to talk with moms on the fence about vaccinating their littles, and the need-to-know bits of flu shots.

Disclaimer time: This week's episode and show notes discuss medical needs. Nothing said in the show nor included in the show notes should be construed as medical advice or opinions. Concerns and questions about your health and well-being should be asked of your doctor, pediatrician, or family physician. Additionally, portions of this episode may be triggering for some listeners or readers, including discussion of infant loss, childhood injury, and child hospitalization.

Here are your show notes!

This is the recommended schedule for vaccines from the CDC. Don't let those scary pictures of dolls with hundreds of needles stuck in them frighten you. Those scare-tactic doll images often add a few extra needles to represent each individual vaccine administered, even those which are combined into a single shot (Like the MMR or TDaP). These shots jammed into a single baby doll also fail to take into account how long two years is.

As referenced in the episode, this is the video of the infant with whooping cough (pertussis).

Trigger Warning - This video may be difficult for some viewers to watch. It shows an infant in distress, dealing with a coughing fit and struggling to breathe. Please use discretion when electing to watch or share this video.

If you've never listened to Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine - that should probably be your first stop. Not only do they do a step by step guide to all the diseases we can vaccinate for but they are genuinely a great listen.

For more resources on vaccines, check these links out.

Reliable Sources for Parents on Immunizations and Vaccines from

Download PDF • 301KB

As always many thanks to our sponsors for their continued support of The Momma Cusses Podcast. We need to thank The Fox Sisters for the use of their song Stuck on You as this intro and outro of this podcast. If you have an idea for a podcast episode or would like to be a guest on an upcoming episode, please email



If people used common sense they would: read the little tiny letter in information leaflet to find out that its full of toxic substances, mind you synthetic! which is very important word, because comparing aluminium whihc is natural in mothersbreastmilk with syntethic and toxic aluminium in vaccines is just ridiculous.

They try to cancel mercury thermometres in most countries suggesting they are dangerous because of mercury, yet they give mercury to a child in vaccines staright on in body.

Another fact: they say if there were not vaccines viruses would take over. well how many viruses in past never had vaccines and are ot here anymore unlikely those we vaccinate and are still around. do you know why? because we…


Sadly that baby like most has likely gotten whooping cough from her recently vaccinated mother as mentioned by the NIH research 'the resurgence of bordetella pertussis via asymptomatic transmission.' Savanah is a little more concerned about her tik tok followers than patients. Thankfully, there are many in healthcare who respect their patient's right to choose for their family. The tdap shot put me into preterm labor and I almost lost my child at 29 weeks, but Savanah would never talk about people like me. Let's get some stats on all vaccinated people with pertussis and their all vaccinated outbreaks. Oh doesn't fit the narrative? This isn't about health.


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Mar 26, 2021

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